Wall-Mounted Record Rack

Nice rack.

Your favorite records, sturdily-kept and ready to go.

We came across this interesting vinyl record rack over at Hard to Find Records. The metal unit attaches to your wall and keeps 80 records within reach. We like it as a secondary storage unit for keeping your favorites nearby. Here’s a bit about it from the HTFR site:

This innovative vinyl set holder fixes to any flat wall and provides a perfect, and very stylish, storage solution for around 80 vinyl records. Six of the seven vertical tiers will hold approximately 10 records each, while the dual function top tier has adequate spacing for around 10 records in each of it’s two spaces. This vinyl set holder is a very attractive storage method that will help protect your records while keeping them in perfect grasp for your mixing sessions.

HTFR is based in the UK but they can ship worldwide. Exchange rates put this unit at $49.85 in the US and it is available here.

From my friends at analog apartment