Fun (and green) Vinyl Products

the green album

Made from recycled vinyl, these cool products are affordable and make a great gift for any record collector! (click on images)

Recycled Album Cover Sketchbooks

These cool sketchbooks have die-cut album jackets for front and back covers and the sketchbook paper is made from recycled blue jeans. Each recycled album cover sketchbook has 80 pages of paper made from 100% recycled filler paper and 100% recycled denim blue jeans.
Picture 1
Price: $11.95

Recycled Record Bowls
Yes my friends, these are real records! And, if you can figure out how to play them – even better! They are a great gift for any music lover (or bowl afficionado). Artist, Jeff Davis of New York created these wonderful and practical record bowls from actual recycled albums (that are no longer playable).
Price: $24.99

Recycled Record Coasters
These coasters are made from vintage, recycled albums (most of which are non-playable) with the original labels intact. There is a clear seal that protects the the label and spindle hole from damage caused by beverages. The LP Coasters come in a set of six and are packaged in a round plastic box with a lid. The coasters come with various, mixed vintage labels and the artists will vary. They’re made in Philadelphia by Vinylux.
Price: $24.99

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