Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses – New Thom Yorke 12″

YES. My new Thom Yorke record was finally shipped to me from the UK. Unfortunately, I had to wait for this one because I took my sweet time to order it. It’s a limited edition and only 2000 copies were made and for some reason 2000 copies sounded like alot when I read about it over at ateaseweb. Here’s to being naive. These things sold like hot cakes. I’m not entirely sure why hot cakes sell so fast but I think they should re-tweak that expression and make it, “these _____ (s) sold like Thom Yorke records.” I should have bought it on w.a.s.t.e. while it was still available, but I had to resort to Ebay in the end. No biggie though– totally worth it.

This record is a beauty. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Radiohead‘s longtime artist, Stanley Donwood. As you can see in the pictures, the cover has an intricate, wave-square, cut-out pattern which pretty much speaks for itself. Very contemporary and very cool. Classic Yorke/Donwood

For those of you who don’t know, Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses is the final culmination of a song that has been floating around the Radiohead camp since 2001 and actually began as something that led to an earlier incarnation of Radiohead’s Reckoner, an instant classic off of their 2008 In Rainbows Album.

This piece of music summons the clean, abstract electronica feel of Yorke’s 2006 The Eraser album and the B-side of the record, The Hollow Earth is in fact, from these very sessions. Horses was put together with the aide of longtime Radiohead bandmate, multi-instrumentalist Johnny Greenwood and Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, so it definitely retains that signature Radiohead feel and could almost slip in unnoticed on either their Kid-A or Amnesiac albums, especially with its cryptic lyrics:

“Insekt bytes machine gun cameras/ Fobbed off with lame shit excuses/ I’ve no sons and I’ve no daughters/ Feeling pulled apart by horses”

Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses:

The Hollow Earth:

This is the perfect item to whet the appetite of any Radiohead/ Thom Yorke fan and is a nice little piece of music to keep us satisfied as the band works on their highly-anticipated next album (or EP, whichever comes first).

Check out the new Radiohead single, These Are My Twisted Words which was “leaked” by the band and can be downloaded for free on the band’s website, here:

Complete coincidence, but for the record, today also happens to be Thom Yorke’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Thom!

"I bloody love cake!"

"I bloody love cake!"


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  1. I really need to get this soon, hopefully there’s still some copies left on ebay. Cool blog, by the way.

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